Key Stage 2 - Rowan (Year 5) 2018 - 2019

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Welcome to Rowan

Spellings for w.c: 08/10/18













Tuesday - This half term the children will be focusing on gymnastics. We will be aiming to complete routines that involve different skills. 

We will also focus on fitness and the scientific reasoning behind exercise and warming up and stretching.

Spellings and Times Tables:

Both will be handed out on a Monday. The children will write their spellings into their spelling books, so these must be in  school every Monday. Times Tables will be sent home on a slip of paper, advicing the children ways to practice. Please help children practice and then test them regularly throughout the week.


Autumn Term 2018

English in RowanImage result for the hunter paul geraghty







This half term we will be focussing our English work around 'The Hunter' by Paul Geraghty. The book links in well with our science topic 'living things and their habitats'. The children's writing outcomes for this unit of work are going to be to write a narrative. The children will recap skills such as adverbs, relative clauses, modal verbs, expanded noun phrases, brackets/ dashes/ commas for parethesis and apostrophes for possession.


Rowan's Topic

Our topic work this half term is the Anglo-Saxons and the Scots. We will begin by researching key dates and facts linked to the Anglo-Saxons and the Scots, followed by looking at settlements during this time. We will be completing DT activities throughout the term, designing our own Anglo-Saxon settlements and Brooches!

Week by week, the class will delve deeper and become more knowledge about the Anglo-Saxons and the Scots.

Science in Rowan

Living things and their habitats is this half terms focus! We will begin by exploring the different parts of a plant and how they reproduce. The children will take part in some exciting and practical science lesson where they will be dissecting and growing their own flowers! 

Get experimenting!

At Darnhall Primary School, we want our children to be explorers and investigators - we want them to be Scientists!

Encourage those inquisitive brains - click this box to visit, and see what experiments you can investigate ...

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